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MilkyWay Mic

Being woke and adulting is a challenge. Creatives by day, hip-hop aficionados by night, Skip, DJ And?, Mic, and Tamiya interview guests about hip-hop culture and related topics from a millennial point of view. If you’re into hip-hop and motivational talk, this is the podcast for you.

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Master Kie | E.T. | Episode #55

THG interviews guest Master Kie. Master Kie is a Charlotte-based music producer, instrumentalist, and mother. She is a Co-Director of the Lost In Space (Your Neighborhood Orchestra).  Lost In Space is a musical artistic galactic theme performance that displays a combination of

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Master Kie | E.T. | Episode #55

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Hillman The Game Available NOW! Support local black-owened board game development. For the culture. Buy Now Mic and DJ And ? interview guest Tanisha “Queen It Shall Be”

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Lashaunda Whack, Chef, Entrepreneur

Food vs. Health – LaShaundra Whack

Skip, Mic, and guest host Tamyia Allen interview LaShaundra Whack. LaShaundra is a vegan chef and the owner of Whack Me Vegan meal prep. Topics covered:  vegan lifestyle, the importance of healthy eating, views on nutrition in black community, and exploring new cuisine. Make sure

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Episode 7 - Beasy Baybie

God vs. Tests – Beasy Baybie

Skip and DJ And ? interview guest Beasy Baybie. Beasy is a radio personality, motivational speaker, actress, host, and author. She is currently working on following projects (Kool Kamp Podcast, Conv;cted: The Beasy Baybie Story, and etc.). Topics covered:  current

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Episode 5 - Dr. Jermaine Johnson - Politisian / entreperneur / professor / former athlete

Politics vs. Family – Dr. Jermaine Johnson

Skip and DJ And ? interview guest Dr. Jermaine Johnson. Jermaine is SC State House Representative from District 80. Along with being a husband and father, Jermaine is an entrepreneur, professor, former pro athlete and is currently involved with a

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Kinetic Life

Teachers vs. COVID-19 – Kinetic Life

The Pilot Episode Skip and DJ And ? interview guest Eric Tindal aka Kinetic Life. Kinetic Life is a full-time special education teacher (K-2) as well as a DJ and music producer. Topics covered: teaching during COVID-19 pandemic, dealing with

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